A High-Yielding Tomato Investment Story


Tomato Jos

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Scope of Work: 

• Communication Strategy

• Media Relations

• Content Development

• Digital Promotion

Tomato jos project CIG

An investment originally conceived in Jos but relocated to Kaduna. This case study is a powerful example of how the team at CIG helped the Tomato Jos Company achieve its investment funding goals, by leveraging human interest stories about improving the future of smallholder farmers.

In 2014, Mira Mehta, the founder of the Tomato Jos company, set out to create highyielding and scalable tomato farming in Nigeria.

Our strategists at CIG planned and executed communications for the next phase os the Tomato Jos Mission; groundbreaking and investment call for its tomato processing facility.

Today, Tomato is the largest and most active farm in the country securing N1.8 billion in its series A funding.

Tomato jos project CIG