July 22, 2020
CIG gorodome insight
July 22, 2020
CIG gorodome insight

How to survive & grow with Digital transformation

How to survive & grow with Digital transformation

“One of the critical things in this crisis we’ve been trying to get across… is that we have to throw away the rule book. We’ve never seen this kind of crisis in our lives”– Ana Botín, Executive Chairman, Santander.

Long before the COVD-19 pandemic outbreak, the digital economy has been playing an increasingly significant role as a new driver for economic growth and business performance. The coronavirus crisis has forced businesses to rethink their operations and growth strategies. They have had to turn to digital products and services to ensure critical business functions are impacted as little as possible and customers continue to receive adequate services.

Recently, we put together an insightful webinar on digital transformation with panel made up of technology executives operating in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and The United State.These panelists brought their insights and practical ideas for implementing a resilient, cloud-based digital infrastructure that propels your organisation into an exciting, highly competitive future business landscape.

Here are some Key Points:

  1.  The Digital transformation under COVID-19 is less about technology and about re-mapping existing products, services and operational  strategies in a manner that allows organisations to survive and thrive in a pandemic-stricken society.
  2. Fall in love with the prospect of solving the business problems forced upon your organisation by COVID-19, not just the technology. This way your organisation will avoid wasteful digital transformation projects.
  3. To be successful digital transformation programs will need to be driven by organisational leadership, along with employees with competent digital skills.
  4. The following are key considerations when designing a digital transformation activity in response to COVID:


    • Communication
    • Data Storage
    • Data protection
    • Delivering satisfactory customer experience.
  5. Problems organisations would need to fall in love in their digital transformation Journey


    • How to enable smarter collaboration?
    • How to Re-Invent productivity?
    • How to detect and manage cyber threats
  6. Emerging digital transformation opportunities:


    • Financial services: Virtual Teller/Mobile banking
    • Education: E-learning platforms
    • Healthcare: TeleMedicine
    • E-commerce: Last-mile services such as personalised delivery services
    • Business collaborations through shared services