July 22, 2020
CIG gorodome insight
July 22, 2020
CIG gorodome insight

A decision pipeline for navigating the COVID Pandemic with your organisation intact.

A decision pipeline for navigating the COVID Pandemic with your organisation intact.

Nigeria, Like most countries, is experiencing economic disruptions following the COVID-19 Pandemic.  For Business Executives and entrepreneurs, it is certainly the time to assess and re-tool for the current situation and more importantly for a post-COVID world.

Recently, we put together an insightful webinar on digital transformation with panel made up of technology executives operating in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and The United State.These panelists brought their insights and practical ideas for implementing a resilient, cloud-based digital infrastructure that propels your organisation into an exciting, highly competitive future business landscape.

Covid-19 Decision framework

Here is a business pipeline we developed to help decision-making in your business.

Some key takeaways from our webinar on surviving COVID. 

  1. Nigeria’s economy is certainly not in recession, but it faces an economic leadership challenge. COVID-19 has had an immediate impact on Nigeria’s oil earnings, eroding capital in the Nigeria Stock Exchange, and FX rates. Other areas that may be impacted are national employment figures and consumer spending. 
  2. Prioritize communications. It is the one fully functional tool your business has at the moment. Communicate regularly and empathetically with your staff, but also with your clients. Find out what keeps them up late at night these days, and pivot your services towards that. The best way to get your business running post-COVID is to ensure your feet never leave the ground. Where possible, offer free consulting/resource for clients towards their post-COVID planning.
  3. To facilitate ongoing cashflow, offer clients discounts where possible.
  4. Partner with complementary businesses to increase value for your clients post-COVID.
  5. Risk assessment is imperative in business planning even for small to medium business. Nigeria has gone through two pandemics in 6 years. This points to the need to have an ongoing business-continuity plan that factors in short to mid-term disruptions. 
  6. A positive mindset, nimbleness and resilience are essential traits for establishing financial and operational stability in situations like the current economic lockdown.

Help for your business

For advice on business-to-business communications, please reach out to

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